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Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) is a training centre for Malaysian Theravada Buddhist monks to learn how to live in accordance with the Dhammavinaya (the name the Buddha gave his "religion") as enshrined in the original scriptures.

The Sanctuary dedicates its resources to groom eligible Malaysian monks to become conscientious in the study and practice of the Dhammavinaya, and thereby help to perpetuate our Sasana and protect it from decline in learning, morals and meditative wisdom. In doing so, it hopes to answer the urgent calls of the Malaysian Buddhist community to overcome the acute shortage of suitably trained local monks.

We hope that SBS will also lay the groundwork for evolving a truly Malaysian Theravada Buddhist identity that accords with the scriptural tradition in the spirit and the letter.

A secondary objective of SBS is to provide a retreat centre for the promotion of the spiritual, mental and physical health of its supporting community; thus reflecting a healthy Sangha-laity interdependance.



  • Date

    Weekly Every Saturday Night

    Meditation Session - Open to Public

    Weekly Every Saturday Morning

    Dhamma Talk Given by Monk to Devotees Come for Alms Giving

    Weekly Every Sunday

    Alms-Round in the Market